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Personal  Training

Our personal trainers are the backbone of our gym. Looking after the Evolution Family’s every fitness need, we believe we have the best PTs in the business. Ranging from mixed martial arts to physique bodybuilding to highly qualified nutritionists, we have carefully ensured that that our expertise cover everyone and every possible fitness goal. That is exactly what we have acheived and we guarantee to have a PT who is qualified and experienced in helping you achieve your goals.

Please enquire with us through our contact page to get any more information about personal training.

Jake Davey
Jake DaveyPersonal Trainer

Jake joins us with a wealth of experience and insight into the application of physical development programmes. As an athlete who has competed at national level in his chosen field, Jake can help you succeed in meeting your fitness goals. Jake specialises in strength & conditioning, diet & nutrition, sports therapy, fitness and diet programmes and online coaching. Feel free to get in touch with Jake for a no-obligation chat!

Claire Knight
Claire KnightPersonal Trainer

Claire is our highly attributed physique and conditioning specialist. Claire is a true expert at competition preparation, nutrition and physique shaping. If you want a lean and well apportioned body then Claire has all the experience and credentials you need to make it happen.

Lee Mughal
Lee MughalPersonal Trainer

The owner of Evolution Gym, Lee has been focussed on transforming the gym for the last 3 years into a great facility for all to enjoy. Now we are up, running and fully cantonal, Lee is looking after a select number of clients to assist them with their fitness aspirations. Lee has a successful track record in nutrition, bodybuilding and conditioning. Lee has placed highly in British bodybuilding finals and really knows the best ways of getting into great physical shape.

Abdul Zaman
Abdul ZamanPersonal Trainer

The newest member of Team Evo’s Personal Trainers. Abdul is a highly recommended and passionate trainer.

With over 25 amateur boxing bouts at junior and senior level, Abdul completes our PT squad. We now have a great mix of female, fitness, boxing and bodybuilding specialists each giving their expertise effectively in their chosen field.

Abdul will be leading our Boxfit offering in terms of ongoing classes. It is a cardiovascular workout with classes lasting between 45 minutes to one hour. It focuses on the principles of boxing fitness and includes:

– Boxing drills
– Pad work
– Footwork
-Abdominal workouts
– Focus on fitness and body toning

It will prove itself to be an invaluable way to improve your fitness and learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Abdul is available on a 1 to 1 basis, or as part of his group exercise sessions.

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